About Us

Economic Food Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a company, registered under the Companies Act and approved by all government statutory bodies, engaged in the manufacture and export of foodstuffs to different international destinations to satisfy the Indian Customers. We are into Food Processing Business for the past twenty years.

We cater to the food needs of the Indian Community in particular, around the world. We have a full fledge Food-Processing Factory confirming to the standards stipulated by US FDA, ISO and HACCP regulations. Ever since it was established, the company has grown in to a name synonymous with superior products, providing clients worldwide a range of products with an accent on reliability of supply and excellence in manufacturing standards, irrespective of volume requirement. Our team comprises personnel with vast experience in the field food processing industry. Our motto "Creating better lives..." which recognize the customer expectations in meeting top quality and taste of products and provide the best value for money to maintain highest customer satisfaction. Through the varied disciplines and expertise our firm possesses, we believe that the quality of services we offer will exceed your expectations. The company has experienced steady growth since its inception. The production area alone is over 20000 Sq. ft. with sophisticated machineries and processing equipments. The path of progress shows, the turnover and profitability has steadily increased. Our International presence continues to grow as we constantly strive to explore our culinary heritage and discover the many faces of Indian taste.

The promoters of the company are Mr. Cyriac Joseph and Mrs. Binu Cyriac.

Mr. Cyriac Joseph is the Managing Director of Economic Food Solutions Private Limited, is the Captain of our Ship, who has sailed EFS to the horizon where it stands today.

He has got several years of experience in the Food Processing industry. With his vast experience in India and abroad in the similar field, the company is on the way of success and goes a long way in establishing a reputed business in the field.

For the past ten years he has been the senior representative of the East West International, USA.
Mrs. Binu Cyriac, the Director of the Company, looks after the overall working of the company. She has played a lead role in shaping up and materializing the motto of EFS. All the products of EFS go for the final packing only after her approval.